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Job opportunities

Development engineer   1 place of work: Huadu, Guangzhou

1, responsible for the preparation of development data, the implementation of product development work;
2. Be responsible for the phased summary, monthly summary and monthly plan of the project;
3, responsible for the pilot process, guide the craftsman to carry out production process conversion;
4, responsible for the existing product process optimization and cost reduction work;
5. Be responsible for optimizing and integrating existing product categories and codes; Cooperate with purchasing department to complete the selection of new suppliers and raw materials;
6, responsible for guiding the laboratory staff work, the laboratory staff assessment and evaluation;
7, responsible for the product development results into development output documents, complete the development review and verification, until the development confirmation;
8. Participate in market promotion, customer complaint handling and on-site problem analysis to ensure that the developed products meet customer requirements;
Participate in market research when necessary;
9. In the event of any quality problems in the production process, the right to require immediate shutdown, and correct and corrective measures for related problems.

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in polymer materials or chemistry, experience in insulation paint and composite material related project development is preferred;
2. Strong innovation ability, ability to analyze and solve problems; Rigorous and meticulous work, full of passion and strong psychological endurance.

Sales engineer   2 working places: Huadu, Guangzhou

1. Complete market research;
2. Complete target customer development;
3, according to the company's target requirements to complete the sales and collection tasks;
4. Feedback and handle customer complaints;
5, customer maintenance, relationship handling, to ensure that customers do not lose;
6. Handle customer orders and delivery matters;
7, timely recovery of customer payment;
8, customer on-site process determination, on-site service.

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical, electrical, electronic, chemical, polymer, materials, marketing, etc., fresh graduates are also acceptable;
2, cheerful, with good communication skills, sense of responsibility and time concept, active mentality, strong learning ability and execution.

Operator 5 place of work: Qingyuan Yingde


1, responsible for the loading and unloading of goods, stacking, sorting, stocking, material preparation, handling and other work;
2. Be responsible for marking the goods to ensure the correctness and uniqueness of the marking;
3, assist the warehouse keeper to carry out the goods into the warehouse, out of the warehouse management, review the integrity of the out, into the warehouse procedures, inventory out, into the warehouse physical;
4, responsible for the safe placement of inventory goods and environmental protection in the reservoir area. Regularly inspect the reservoir area to ensure the safety and integrity of warehouses, equipment and goods.
5, responsible for the cleaning of the production site, keep the production site clean and tidy; Adhere to safe production and civilized production.


1. Work steadfastly, meticulously and conscientiously, without smoking or drinking;
2. Good communication, coordination and team spirit

inspector1 place of work: Qingyuan Yingde


1. Be responsible for testing the finished products, fill in the original records, process sheets, issue product inspection reports as required, send them to relevant personnel in time, and be responsible for the results. Non-conforming products shall be handled according to the Non-conforming Product Control Procedure;
2, responsible for the type of internal sample delivery and report receiving, sorting and filing;
3, responsible for the inspection of product appearance before delivery;
4, responsible for testing foreign samples, and issue foreign sample inspection report;
5. Be responsible for testing returned products and warehouse re-inspection products, and notify the warehouse manager of the inspection results;
6, responsible for the certificate, "product inspection report" printing;
7, responsible for the storage of instruments, reagents and drugs used;
8, responsible for the test materials and reagents put forward the purchase plan, and do a good job in the laboratory cleaning work;
9. Keep samples, keep them and handle them to ensure the safety of working environment.


1. Senior high school degree or above, familiar with ISO45001 /16949 and other system knowledge is preferred;
2, have a strong professionalism, work seriously, have a strong sense of responsibility;
3. Be familiar with the operation of office software and basic test instruments, and have a good physical and chemical experimental foundation.

Equipment maintenance worker1 place of work: Qingyuan Yingde


1, responsible for the daily inspection and maintenance of the equipment, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment;
2, responsible for equipment failure handling, abnormal registration and report to the superior supervisor;
3, complete other work arranged by the superior.


1, junior high school education or above, with electrics certificate, welder certificate or chemical plant work experience is preferred;
2. Strong hands-on ability, can burn electric welding, install pipelines, and be familiar with mechanical maintenance and control circuits;
3, work conscientiously and responsibly, have a strong sense of responsibility, can bear hardships and stand hard work, have a good team spirit.

Experimenter1 place of work: Huadu, Guangzhou


1, responsible for the laboratory performance testing work, to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the test results;
2, responsible for the original data record, test report;
3, responsible for the routine inspection and maintenance of jigs, responsible for the routine inspection and maintenance of equipment;
4, responsible for the test samples, equipment poor report work;
5, abide by the laboratory rules and regulations, system related requirements;
6. Laboratory 5s Maintain.


1. Secondary specialized school degree or above, working experience in chemical industry laboratory is preferred;
2, familiar with laboratory workflow and system standards;
3, have certain innovation ability, analysis and problem-solving ability.

Security Administrator1 place of work: Qingyuan Yingde


1. Assist in formulating and improving safety-related management systems and operating procedures and promote their implementation;
2, supervise the daily safety, fire protection, environmental protection and other inspection and supervision work of various departments, timely find and eliminate hidden dangers of accidents;
3, responsible for the pre-job training of new employees and on-the-job grass-roots management personnel training;
4. Assist the company in the management of relevant documents such as safety, occupational health and environmental protection.


1, with college degree or above, mechanical, chemical, safety and other related majors;
2, active work, strong sense of responsibility, strong safety awareness, good communication and coordination ability;
3, can skillfully operate commonly used office software;
4. Experience in safety management of chemical enterprises is preferred.

Company benefits:

1. The company implements weekly 5 daily working system, 8 per day hours, weekends off;
2. All employees of the company purchase five insurances and one fund according to the requirements of the state;
3. All employees of the company are entitled to paid annual leave;
4. All employees of the company are entitled to annual free medical examination;
5. The company organizes employees to travel every year;
6. The company provides nutritious working meals free of charge;
7. All employees of the company purchase commercial insurance free of charge;
8. Traditional festivals give free holiday gifts to employees.
The company has a good promotion mechanism and development platform. If you have dreams and strength, we look forward to your joining and creating brilliant future together!

Guangzhou head office recruitment hotline:020-36865333
address: 36 Dabu Road, Xinhua Street, Huadu District, Guangzhou no.
Qingyuan Branch Recruitment Hotline:0763-3105202
address: New Materials A, Qingyuan Overseas Chinese Industrial Park, Donghua Town, yingde city yuanhan and 3rd Road (opposite the Yuwan Toll Exit of Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway)